I am attracted to transgender women : Am I gay ?

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    I am attracted to transgender women : Am I gay ?

    Attraction to transgender women does not necessarily mean you are gay. Unarguably, if you are attracted to women because of their feminine qualities, you are not gay. We will cover why a man who likes trans women may feel 100% straight, and why you don’t have to be gay to like transgender women. Read on to learn more.

    A man who likes trans women may well feel 100% straight

    Sexual orientation does not make you gay, rather it is the reason you think like that that could reveal what you are. You can be attracted to a trans woman and feel 100% straight because you are attracted to her female body. A man is naturally drawn by a woman’s looks. So based on that understanding, you can like her.

    A gay person is drawn physically, romantically, and emotionally to a person of the same sex. For instance, if you are a man and a man’s body attracts you, then you are gay. If you are female and a female body attracts you, you are lesbian (also gay).

    With that explanation, you can see why a man that loves a transgender woman cannot be classified as gay. Technically, a trans woman’s body could attract you because you find her alluring as a woman. As long as the attraction is because of her womanly charms, you are not gay.

    Being attracted to and loving a trans woman

    You don’t have to be gay to like transgender women

    Transgender women can capture your attention and make you like them. Many have fully transitioned to women (transsexuals) and it will be difficult to differentiate them from cisgender women.

    A transgender woman that has undergone surgery and testosterone hormone injections is a transsexual woman. Her graceful charisma will naturally attract you if you are bisexual or a cisgender male. Her womanly nature cannot attract you if you are gay.

    Furthermore, a transgender woman could attract cisgender males and bisexuals if she turns on her charms. How she walks, speaks and laughs, and dresses can dazzle these genders. Likewise, for the transgender woman to attract a gay, it means the gay is enchanted by the Male features of the transgender woman.

    Fantasy or love : Why not try to meet a trans woman ?

    If you want to prove whether you are in love with a transgender woman or just fantasizing about her, it’s better to jump the gun, by meeting a transgender woman on a dating site. There are several trusted transgender dating sites online that you can register on for free, create a profile and meet a transgender woman.

    You may be attracted to her because you love her. You should not deny yourself true love if you can find it in a transgender woman. To get the advanced features of a trustworthy online dating site, you may have to upgrade your membership to a premium. Once you subscribe, you can browse stunning pictures of many trans women and read their profiles.

    You will have many exciting and attractive transwomen that match your profile to start dating them. After dating a transgender woman, you can now confirm whether your attraction was pure fantasy or love.

    What do you call a man who likes trans women ?

    A bisexual is defined as a male that is attracted to both the male and female genders. If you are a cisgender male, and you like a transwoman, you may be bisexual. You love her as a woman and also appreciate her masculine features if they are still prominent.

    A bisexual will equally be attracted to a ladyboy because of their masculine features, although she identifies as a female. If you love transgender women based on their feminine characteristics, you are straight. But if you are attracted to transgender women because you know they are women (MTF) with pronounced male features still visible or male (FTM), with feminine traits, you are Gay or Bisexual.

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